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店舗・通販 2024年1月7日(日)~


New Year’s Special Event
Notice of “Tastuzara (Dragon Plate) Present!“
From January 7, 2024 (Sun.), we will give away a Tatsuzara (Dragon Plate) for every 10,000 yen spent in our store and online order.
(For online order, the total amount of payment including shipping and handling charges)
The maximum number of Tatsuzara  per check is 6.

*The offer will end as soon as all the plates are sold out.
*Online order will be available from January 7.
*You cannot choose the pattern.If you order more than one, we will try our best to give you different designs, but please understand that there may be duplicates depending on the stock situation.
*Please note that the stock will be at the time of delivery (shipping) and may not be available in case of pre-orders. Please be aware of this.